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ROUTES Workshop on SIMS and LIMS interaction | Eurad (

From November 28th to 30th 2023 the 2nd Workshop on SIMS (Small Inventory Member States) and LIMS (Large Inventory Member States) interaction will take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

This workshop is organised in the frame of the ROUTES WPs dissemination activities.

It will provide you with detailed insight into predisposal and disposal options for countries without waste acceptance criteria (WAC) and small inventories of radioactive waste.

Presentations by the IAEA and other international organisations will provide a broad overview of current activities in the field of radioactive waste management, and interactive sessions will provide a forum for knowledge exchange and interaction.

Additionally, this workshop includes a half-day introductory session for students-only, and dedicated students’ sessions throughout the workshop tackling the challenges of waste management for small inventories and providing an additional forum for discussions. EURAD students remain warmly welcome.

Funding for selected students to participate in this workshop is provided by ENEN2plus.

Entitled to funding are students (BSc, MSc or PhD level) who have worked or are currently doing research within the field of waste management and want to broaden their knowledge of the challenges of SIMS.

The workshop is open to all interested EURAD partners, EURAD students as well as interested guests from outside of EURAD!

ROUTES Workshop on SIMS and LIMS interaction | Eurad (

And the invitation flyer is attached as well. Application should be done for students till the 15th of November.

Furhter information can be found in this flyer available for download HERE