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PhD position at Forschungzentrum Juelich

PhD Position – Investigation of the stability and corrosion behavior of uranium nitrides

Your Job:
Innovative nuclear reactor concepts are currently intensively discussed internationally.
For the operation of most of these concepts novel fuels are envisaged, in particular materials with a matrix of uranium nitride (UN) due to their good thermophysical properties. In addition to their suitability as nuclear fuel, the stability of the materials in contact with aqueous solutions, among other things, is of great interest for the safety assessment of a repository.

At IEK-6, such investigations are being carried out to maintain competence as part of the European collaborative project FREDMANS.
The work is carried out in close cooperation with European partners.

One focus is on the investigation of the oxidation behavior under conditions relevant for interim storage, as well as the conversion of the nitride matrix into an oxide matrix.

• Investigation of the oxidation of UN based materials
• Complete oxidation of the nitride matrix to an oxide matrix
• Influence of certain fission product types (Ln, PGM) on the oxidation of UN
• Influence of atmospheric composition on the oxidation of UN
• Development of thermodynamic and kinetic models to describe the oxidation of UN in collaboration with project partners
• Preparation of data and scientific interpretation of results
• Independent presentation of the results at scientific conferences and in scientific publications

Your Profile:
• Completed university studies (Master) in natural sciences, chemistry, physics, or related discipline
• Experience in the fields of radiochemistry, analytics, and materials science
• Practical experience with laboratory work, as well as willingness and ability to learn and develop these skills are essential
• Experience in handling radioactive materials is desirable
• Ability to work in an international multidisciplinary team
• Willingness to travel nationally and internationally on official business
• Strong motivation to complete the PhD within 3 years
• Very good command of written and spoken English

Last application date: 2023-05-31

A detailed description can be found HERE