Job Opportunities at CERN, Geneva

Fire Safety Engineer (ref. HSE-FRS-OP)

The CERN Fire and Rescue Service, part of the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) Unit is looking for a fire safety engineer working in tight collaboration with the CERN Fire Safety Engineering Team to enhance fire safety throughout the Organization that has already achieved a high level.
You will be involved in ensuring that existing and new premises comply with fire and emergency standards and grant CERN personnel and visitors, the surrounding environment and CERN assets the appropriate levels of safety.
You will work in a multidisciplinary and diverse team of firefighters, fire officers, engineers and physicists.
The skills and/or technologies you should have and/or know:
• Industrial safety, fire safety, fire prevention, fire risk assessment;
• International/Swiss/French fire regulations;
• Volunteer fire officer/firefighter in a local or industrial FRS will be an asset.
Area of Interest
Health, Safety and Environment


Maintenance Technician (ref. HSE-RP-IL)

After an on-the-job training period you will participate in performing a wide variety of activities related to radiation protection instrumentation, electronics and control systems.
These include the following forms of maintenance activities;

  • Preventative: from routine monthly operations to intensive 5 yearly calibration campaigns;
  • Breakdown: provide support to first line interventions teams to resolve onsite issues with a goal of minimising equipment down times and avoiding impact to accelerator or physics operations whilst maintaining safety integrity;
  • Corrective: aid in the deployment of software and hardware upgrades across all sites;
  • CMMS management.

You will also prepare documentation for the design, operation and maintenance of systems ensuring all maintenance documentation is kept up to date. Working onsite, you will provide support to project teams for the installation, cabling, commissioning and acceptance of new radiation protection systems.
The skills and/or technologies you should have and/or know:

  • Instrumentation and control or equipment maintenance or low voltage electricity or electro-mechanics;
  • Fault-finding methodologies and their application;
  • Maintenance management and its associated tools.

Area of Interest
Electrical or Electronics Engineering