Job Opportunities at WESTINGHOUSE

Westinghouse is looking for several profiles:

  1. Senior Engineer based in Madrid –> download the PDF HERE
  • Member of the Systems and Safety Analysis group performing engineering evaluations and analyses of technical products and services to support operation of the nuclear power plants in the nuclear safety and performance field.
  • Perform a variety of engineering tasks in support to operation of nuclear power plants (preparation of inputs to run thermo-hydraulic codes for transient analyses, preparation of fluid systems calculations for systems sizing or performances, calculation of setpoints for nuclear power plants operation and evaluation of emergency operation procedures changes, control systems studies, etc…).
  • Shall be developed to be proficient in thermo-hydraulic calculations for transient analyses and for systems evaluations.
  • Assessment capability of dose calculations and radiological consequences of accidents.
  • Experience running codes for safety analyses purposes.
  • Thorough documentation of analyses.
  • Propose solutions to technical challenges that may arise during projects.
  • Participate in the preparation of licensing documentation.
  • Participate to integrated and international project teams and communicate to involved parties.
  • Occasionally travel to customer sites or to Industry Group Workshops (to gather or present technical information).
  • Knowledge of the Spanish nuclear regulatory body and specific regulations is an asset.

2. Junior Waste Management Engineer  based in Madrid –> download the PDF HERE

  • Definition of waste acceptance criteria and complementary procedures and technical specifications
  • Waste packages activity calculations for Low and Intermediate Level Waste, Very Low Level Waste, storage units, large dimensions waste like equipment and components and singular waste
  • Activity calculations and verifications of the coherence activity-dose rate with Microshield code
  • Calculation and definition of the scaling factors and activity concentrations from the sampling activity results and statistical techniques and applications
  • Radionuclide vectors calculation and validation
  • Preparation of engineering documents (calculation reports, descriptions, licensing documents, and specifications)
  • Carrying out production control of waste generation in the Nuclear Power Plants (Quality Assurance process)
  • Participation in preparation of proposals (technical descriptions, calculation of efforts)
  • Working in international teams
  • Travelling and onsite activities (worldwide)

3. Radiation Protection Officer –> download the PDF HERE

En qualité d’Agent de Sécurité Radioprotection, vous effectuez les mesures de rayonnement et de contamination en vue d’assurer la protection des personnes et de l’environnement.

Vous avez la responsabilité de la bonne réalisation du contrôle des transports de matières radioactives et vous exécutez les tâches administratives et de logistique en rapport avec la fonction.

Garant du bon respect du principe ALARA, vous donnez les consignes aux intervenants pour se protéger efficacement face au risque de contamination.


4. Design Engineer –> download PDF HERE

Job Responsibilities:

As a Design Engineer you will:

  • Perform functional design, implementation, testing and site commissioning of control logic in Ovation Platform and Westinghouse Internal Design Development Tools;
  • Develop Complex Nuclear Mathematical Applications
  • Review Customer specifications and own the development of detailed technical documentation related to the design of the instrumentation and control systems;
  • Implement standard instrumentation and control design solutions for Westinghouse internal projects;
  • Revise and update technical project documentation based on design updates and Customer comments as necessary;
  • Participate in technical meeting with Project lead and internal and external customers to understand requirement/scope of work/schedule and Quality requirements;
  • Provide system warranty & post-warranty maintenance at Customer sites;
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of assigned tasks.

CONTACT PERSON FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:  Mr. Mathieu MERLE, mathieu.merle@westinghouse.com