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Open PhD position in experimental nuclear physics

A collaboration team of the IFIC Valencia (Spain) and Subatech (France) is offering a PhD position under the topic “Study of exotic nuclei interesting for applied and fundamental nuclear physics with Total Absorption Gamma Spectroscopy (TAGS)”.

The collaboration has two proposals accepted at the the JYFL facility (Jyväskÿla-Finland) for the measurements of nuclei interesting for applied and fundamental physics.

One of these experiments should be done in 2022. The selected candidate will participate to the preparation of the detector, the experiment and to the following data analysis. This analysis will allow to compute the beta feeding distribution and to deduce the subsequent beta strength toward the daughter nucleus, for each studied nucleus.

The fellowship is funded by the SANDA European Project and the student will work in both IFIC and Subatech laboratories.

Applications should be send before 1st of June 2022. The PhD will start around September 2022.

The full description can be found HERE