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Opportunities, Proposed PhD Topics

PhD position at CEA SERMA


RESEARCH FIELD: Mathematics – Numerical analysis – Simulation / Engineering sciences

This PhD program focuses on algorithms of machine-learning and data compression for model reduction, in order to optimize the reconstruction of few-group homogenized cross sections used for the computer simulation of nuclear reactors.

These data are fundamental for all coupled multi-physics calculations performed to study reactor design and safety. The use of data assimilation techniques will be considered to enhance the process of cross section preparation by lattice transport computer codes, thus allowing to properly address big data problems.

The improvements sought by the application of innovative mathematical methods aim at achieving a significant reduction in memory storage and in the overall computational time, still ensuring the best accuracy for the reconstructed cross sections.


Département de Modélisation des Systèmes et Structures
Service des Réacteurs et de Mathématiques Appliquées
Laboratoire de Protection d’Etudes et de Conception
Place: Saclay, France
Start date of the thesis: Sept/Oct 2021


Daniele Tomatis, Dr

e-mail :

CEA Saclay, France

Sorbonne Université
Sciences Mathématiques de Paris Centre

Proposal in PDF format, French and English descriptions (one after the other) available for download , HERE

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Opportunities, Proposed PhD Topics

PhD position at Uppsala University-GANIL

The Division of Applied Nuclear Physics at Uppsala University, together with Normandie Université (France) and GANIL, is looking for a doctoral student in experimental nuclear physics with focus on studies of neutron-induced reactions at the NFS (Neutrons For Science) facility at GANIL in Caen, France.

Description of the project: The main goal of this Ph. D. project is to perform experimental studies of different nuclear reactions induced by neutrons: production of light-ions and fission. The experiments will aim at improving the theoretical understanding of different nuclear reaction mechanisms, providing accurate nuclear data to fill gaps in the knowledge base for neutron cross-sections, and at increasing the accuracy of neutron reference cross sections.

The recently constructed NFS facility at GANIL (Caen, France) hosts the experimental setup Medley, developed by Uppsala University, which will be used to perform the envisaged measurements. Further upgrades of the setup, devoted to improve its performance, are ongoing and their implementation will also be a part of the Ph. D. project.

The main task for the PhD candidate will be to conduct cross-section measurements for nuclear fission and production of light ions induced by neutrons in the energy range 1-40 MeV, to collect and analyze data, and to compare the results with existing datasets and predictions of different theoretical model codes for nuclear reactions.

The doctoral student in this project will work in a multi-cultural environment and will have an active role in the group activities such as seminars, workshops, and courses. At the same time, he/she will be expected to work independently and to take personal responsibility for the progression of the project.

Since this Ph. D. project will lead to a double degree from Uppsala University (Sweden) and Normandie University (France), the candidate will spend two years in Caen, and two years in Uppsala.

Basic Information

  • Salary: According to local agreement for PhD students.
  • Starting date: 01-10-2021 or as otherwise agreed.
  • Type of employmentTemporary position according to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5 § 7.
  • Scope of employment: 100 %.

Opportunity details


  • A Master’s degree or equivalent in a field that is relevant for the research project, such as (but not limited to) Physics, Engineering Physics, or similar, is required. However, you can apply already before you obtain the degree.
  • Excellent communication skills are required in written and spoken English.

Desirable qualifications and experience:

  • Documented experience of working in a physics-based research environment and practical laboratory experience with nuclear and/or particle physics instrumentation and detectors, as well as with pertaining data acquisition systems.
  • Since the work involves rather complex data-analysis, we desire proven programming skills. Previous knowledge in ROOT framework and in simulation environments (such as GEANT4, MCNP, FLUKA…) would be highly appreciated. Please provide documentation of the extent and type of experience.
  • While the project is mainly experimental, experience and interest in theoretical nuclear physics would be an advantage.

Employment conditions:

The Doctoral student position is a 4-year appointment, shared between Uppsala University (Sweden) and Normandie University (France). The position is fully financed and the salary is in accordance with local guidelines at both universities. The candidate will primarily devote the time to his/her own research studies. Extension by several months in Uppsala is possible by including department duties at a level of at most 20%, typically teaching.

Information on post-graduate education, rules governing the enrollment as a doctoral student in The Higher Education Act and Higher Education Ordinance as well as the rules and regulations for doctoral students at Uppsala University can be found here:

Rules governing PhD students are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5, §§ 1-7 and in Uppsala University’s rules and guidelines.


For further information about the position please contact: Diego Tarrío, Ph.D.; email:; phone: +46 70-167 90 79, Xavier Ledoux, Ph.D.; email:

Please submit your application by 30 July 2021, UFV-PA 2021/2204.

Proposal in PDF format, available for download HERE

For further information, please visit THIS LINK

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Opportunities, Proposed PhD Topics

PhD position at Jožef Stefan Institute

The Reactor Engineering Division at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, offers a four-year, full-time PhD position starting on October 2021.

JSI is looking for a PhD student to strengthen their research team in the field of computational structural mechanics, structural integrity and ageing of nuclear materials. The research team is specialized in the development of multiscale computational simulation tools for polycrystalline metallic alloys. The research focuses on the explicit modelling and simulations of ageing effects at the level of microstructure to improve the understanding of local cracking conditions.

Using statistical analysis of the simulation results, the goal is to identify critical parameters affecting the material integrity. The PhD research topic will be along these directions.

Basic Information

  • Type : Full-time, 4 year PhD position (Young Researcher)
  • Domain : Computational Structural Mechanics & Nuclear Materials
  • Country : Slovenia
  • Organisation : Jozef Stefan Institute

Opportunity details

The position is funded by the Slovenian Research Agency within the Young researchers program.

The PhD student will work at the Reactor Engineering Division at the Jožef Stefan Institute under the supervision of dr. Samir El Shawish.

JSI is looking for a candidate with a master’s degree in physics or similar field with good programming skills.

Experience with finite element modelling is beneficial but not required. ‍JSI expects a high level of motivation and diligence from the candidate, and they offer the possibility of conducting top scientific research and an excellent starting point for the development of a scientific career. The PhD student will be provided with a creative and stimulating research environment, access to a high-performance computing cluster and enabled training abroad.

Application deadline: June 30, 2021 – send your CV & Motivation Letter to

The PDF proposal can be downloaded from HERE

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Job Opportunities at CEFAS, UK

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science in the UK is looking for

Radiochemistry Laboratory Analyst

there are 2 positions available.

Apply before 11:55 pm on Wednesday 28th April 2021

The primary purpose of the role is to undertake radiochemical analyses of environmental samples, delivering high quality analytical results to support a nationwide food and environmental sampling programme around nuclear sites to support radiological protection.

Based at the Lowestoft site, you will utilise your expertise in analytical techniques to meet delivery and ensure that the labs operate to high quality standards including UKAS accreditation.

Opportunity details

The full proposal  is available HERE


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Job Opportunities at IAEA, Seibersdorf

Position for: Laboratory Head at NSIL, Seibersdorf

Position for: Nuclear Instrumentation Specialist

Basic Information

Laboratory Head, Nuclear Science and Instrumentation

(in particular, encouraging applications by qualified female candidates)

Organization: NAPC-Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory

Primary Location: Austria-Lower Austria-Seibersdorf-IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf

Closing Date: 2021-04-21, 11:59:00 PM

Duration in Months: 36

Contract Type: Fixed Term – Regular

Probation Period: 1 Year

Nuclear Instrumentation Specialist

(The main purpose of this Temporary Assignment  – 6 months, extendable until new lab head joins – is to support NSIL in the establishment of Neutron Science Facility)

Organization: NAPC-Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory

Primary Location: Austria-Lower Austria-Seibersdorf-IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf

Closing Date: 2021-04-12, 11:59:00 PM

Duration in Months: 6

Contract Type: Temporary Assistance – Regular

Probation Period: No Probation

Opportunity details

The full proposal for Laboratory Head is available here

The full proposal for Nuclear Instrumentation Specialist is available here


For further questions, the CONTACT PERSON is: Mr Danas RIDIKAS,

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Job Opportunities at Joint Research Center JRC-Petten

Position for: FG IV- Project Officer – Scientific

As the science and knowledge service of the Commission, the mission of DG Joint Research Centre is to support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle.

The JRC is located in 5 Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain). Further information is available at:

The Unit G.I.4 is part of Department I for Nuclear Safety within the Directorate G. The major objective of the Department is to provide scientific support to the EU nuclear
safety policy. The Unit G.I.4 contributes to technological innovation of nuclear reactor safety through experimental testing, numerical simulation and modelling.

Basic Information

  • Type : 36 months initial contract with possible renewals up to maximum 6 years
  • Domain : Nuclear Safety and Security
  • Country : The Netherlands
  • Organisation : JRC

Opportunity details

The full proposals can be downloaded HERE

Further info, on the JRC recruitment portal:

The deadline for applying is 21/02/2021 23:59 Brussels time.

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Internships topics available at SCK CEN

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Master Programs, Opportunities

Master thesis topics available at SCK CEN

Available topics

Within the Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems:

Within the Institute for Environment, Health and Safety:

Within the Institute for Nuclear Materials Science:

Available topics for a BNEN thesis

Within the Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems:

Within the Institute for Environment, Health and Safety:

Basic Information

  • Domain : Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Country : Belgium
  • Organisation : SCK CEN


For further information visit: SCK CEN Academy

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Bachelor thesis topics available at SCK CEN

Basic Information

  • Domain : Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Country : Belgium
  • Organisation : SCK CEN


For further information visit: SCK CEN Academy