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Welcome to an exciting new chapter in nuclear education and innovation! We are happy to introduce our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) devoted to fuel cycle for advanced nuclear reactor and titled “Decoding the Fuel Cycle.”

🔍 About the project PuMMA: Plutonium management for more agility


Launched in October 2020, PuMMA is a 48 month long Horizon 2020 project funded under the Euratom research and training programme. It brings together 20 partners from 12 different countries. Coordinated by Nathalie Chauvin, international expert on fuels for advanced reactors at the CEA, PuMMA will evaluate the impact of high Plutonium (Pu) content on the whole fuel cycle, reactor safety and performance, in order to define different options for Pu management in Generation IV nuclear reactors. This will ultimately contribute to safer, more efficient and more sustainable clean nuclear energy production.

🌟 What is the MOOC “Decoding the Fuel Cycle”?


Our MOOC brings together a wealth of knowledge and insights from the PuMMA Project’s four dynamic workshops. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate world of nuclear technology, with a specific focus on the features and the complexities of the fuel cycle.


🚀 What to Expect?


This MOOC is composed of more than 60 in-depth presentations delivered by experts, PhD students, postdocs, and researchers. Dive into the core principles, emerging trends, and challenges in nuclear technology. Gain knowledge of the fuel cycle, its scenarios, properties, reprocessing, qualification, and more.


🎓 Who is it for?


Whether you’re an experienced nuclear professional looking to stay updated or a curious learner eager to explore the field, our MOOC is designed to cater to a diverse audience. It’s a valuable resource for students and researchers in the field, nuclear engineers and scientists as well as energy industry professionals.


🔗 How to Get Started?


Our MOOC is available on the ENEN platform and on the PuMMA website.


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