Job offer at CIEMAT

CIEMAT has opened a position (3 years) for graduate/young PhDs in the framework of our R&D associated to transmutation and linked with our joint activities with Spanish National Company for Waste Management (ENRESA).

The work will consist of the simulation of nuclear reactors (mainly Generation IV reactors, small modular reactors – SMR and subcritical systems) using the Monte Carlo technique, and the simulation of experiments and neutron detectors. Besides, as usual, the propagation of the uncertainty to reactivity safety parameters will be analysed.

In our case, the main contributor is nuclear data. With this, nuclear data needs will be detected for advanced reactor concepts.

For more information: (https://www.ciemat.es/cargarAplicacionOfertaEmpleo.do?identificador=2243,

or contact Francisco Alvarez – francisco.alvarez@ciemat.es, Daniel Cano – daniel.cano@ciemat.es)