ENEEP Autumn Reactor Physics Courses

Following the success of the demonstration courses organized in the framework of the ENEEP project, we are pleased to announce a new series of educational courses in the Autumn of 2023.
The courses will cover a selection of fundamental aspects of nuclear science and technology, including topics such as
  • reactor physics,
  • neutron detection,
  • isotope production,
  • criticality safety,
  • and neutron shielding
The courses will be structured as a short and intense dive into the fundamentals of each topic, providing participants with a comprehensive overview in a condensed timeframe. The courses represent a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience performing experiments in nuclear facilities or understand and enhance knowledge of computational methods and codes commonly used in nuclear technology.
The course duration is 4 days, with 2 full days dedicated to experimental activities at research reactors or nuclear laboratories.
The ENEEP autumn courses are organized in cooperation with the ENEN2plus project. Participants are therefore encouraged to apply for ENEN2plus Mobility Grant. Please, carefully read the ENEN2plus Mobility Manual.

The courses are the following:

Advanced reactor Physics (CTU) 17.10.2023 – 20.10.2023

Fundamentals of Isotope Production (UNIPI) 06.11.2023 – 09.11.2023

Workshop on Criticality Safety Calculations (STU) 27.11.2023 – 30.11.2023

Fundamentals of Neutron Detection (JSI) 04.12.2023 – 07.12.2023