Postdoc at LANL – Los Alamos National Laboratory


The FIRST project is focused on improving Am-241 isotope production. The work will involve improving large scale (~20 g batches) aqueous processing of Am-241 and use of 100 MeV neutrons at the Isotope Production Facility (at LANL) to prepare radionuclides with potential value for medical purposes.

The SECOND project is centered on synthesizing a carefully selected series of compounds that will enable the photophysics of plutonium (and the other actinides) to be rigorously explored. This project is centered on accessing unusual (and transient) actinide oxidation and reduction products and has application in f-element photo-induced separations.

Both projects will involve characterizing the products using a wide range of techniques; from nuclear spectroscopy (gamma, alpha, beta spectroscopy) to X-ray spectroscopy (like EXAFS and XANES).

Basic Information

  • Type : Post-doc
  • Domain : Inorganic, Isotope and Actinide Chemistry
  • Country : USA
  • Organisation : LANL

Opportunity details

The contact person does NOT require expertise in f-element science, radiochemistry, separations, or isotope production. Instead, they are looking for creative and motivated scientists that have a sense of humor and an appetite for learning about radionuclides.

If interested, please contact:

Veronika Mocko

Inorganic, Isotope and Actinide Chemistry


Los Alamos National Laboratory

E-mail: vmocko@lanl.gov

Cell: 505-695-3042