Master Programs

Master in Nuclear Engineering

Master developed in collaboration with ENDESA UPC, Barcelona

Basic Information

  • Title: Master in Nuclear Engineering
  • Country: Spain
  • Organisation: UPC
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 90 ECTS, (540 Teaching hours, one year and half)
  • ENEN European Master: Yes

Program details

Master developed in collaboration with ENDESA
UPC, Barcelona

Venue: School of Engineering of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Industrial partners: ENDESA, EIT, ENSA, Westinghouse, CSN, ENUSA, ANAV, Tecnatom, ENRESA. F4E, IDOM, Nuclenor. Kicinnoenergy

Strong involvement in the lectures of experts from nuclear industry. (40% lectures).

Several technical visits are organized to nuclear facilities like:

  • visit to nuclear fuel factory ENUSA
  • visit to nuclear equipment factory ENSA.
  • visit to nuclear power plant.
  • visit to nuclear power plant in decommissioning procedure.
  • practical activity in nuclear power plant full scope simulators.
  • visit to ITER and Tore Supra.

Very practical oriented to competences required from end-users.

Face to face education, learning by doing.

Students from: Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Mauritius, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Spain , Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA.

Administrative information

Tuition fee :
€65.87 per ECTS credit.
5928 Euros in total.
For non-residents who are not EU nationals, the cost is 1.5 times the ordinary cost of one credit


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